WIPC:E in Hawai’i … A look around

We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, and I really didn’t take a lot of photos. Mostly I think because the landscape was so familiar, it just looks like Cairns – mountains, green, rain, water. I also spent more time just being there, rather than documenting the whole experience. I thought I’d take many more photos and video, but turns out I didn’t want to see the whole conference through lens.

But I thought there were a few cool images that I could share – people, places, experiences.

The images from my balcony are pretty awesome as we were 17 stories up.


My first swim at Waikiki. (Turns out Waikiki has sand imported from Qld & NSW)


A pano view from our room – not really a sunny day


Heading up Diamond Head Crater – it’s pouring rain


Still not quite at the base. Notice the little people on the top of the crater. That will be me in an hour or so.


A gorgeous view straight down the middle.


I think this view is looking back into the crater. (The starting point of the trek)


Happy. Wrecked. But not quite there yet.


Another view inside. See all the people. I feel like a mountain goat.


One cannot avoid steps on this journey.


Yep. They’re as bad as they look.


Made it.


The view back over Waikiki.
3900 miles behind me is Australia. (Note: This was my first selfie in Hawaii)
There’s a narrow dark tunnel to get through.
The way down can be just as daunting.
Heading out of the crater, an old war-time road not really made for cars & pedestrians.


We swapped stuff. One of the Kapalalau Designs team.


Time to tourist – this is Waikiki Beach.


The Eternal Flame monument. There is a cemetery in the background.


A Queen.


A Queen’s Palace


Haumea Cove


I could spend the day here. Not far from Waikiki main beach.


Something-Something Blow Hole


My Tourist-ing buddies


A camera drone at the lantern ceremony.


The lantern ceremony at Ala Moana Bay.
Love the use of outdoor space at Honolulu International Airport.


Cassidy International Airport at Kiribati


Kiribati – World’s Largest Atoll.
One last leg of the journey.

These are just some of the images I’ve taken. It kind of documents the trip from start to finish. An excellent experience all up. Looking forward to the next WIPC:E conference.

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