Black Rainbow

The newly established Black Rainbow is a foundation to support Indigenous LGBTI Australians.

They are the ONLY Indigenous suicide prevention and mental health support source for Indigenous LGBTI Australians. They currently have a crowd-funding campaign running to create a National Leadership Group, attend a workshop at the World Congress of International Assoc for Suicide Prevention later this year, and a whole of other activities, including development and roll out of workshops around the country. This is valuable work that needs to be done. Suicide is a social-justice issue, and it’s an issue that impacts all our families.

Can you assist Black Rainbow’s work? Even the smallest contribution would make a difference.

Click here to start some good: 

(If you are unable to contribute financially, please share this link amongst your networks so that we can get the word out there as soon as possible.)

One thought on “Black Rainbow”

  1. Shared on FB. And will make a little donation. Just on a different note, had the best week at the chalkface we welcomed our 12 little and not so little Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander students! Had two Elders as special guests. Lunch finished after an hour, the a Elders stayed on and talked to parents and community for nearly two hours more!! I was so happy! I had to teach next door and all I wanted to do was go in to the room and join in. I hope all schools do this as a way to meet community.

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