Getting ready to make the leap … to WordPress

Okay folks. My few loyal readers. I think it’s time that I made the leap from Blogger to WordPress. I have a fondness for Blogger. It’s reliable, loyal, and always will be my choice for the beginner.

But like many hopeful bloggers before me, I have visions of grander things. And self-hosted WordPress is the option of the future.

I’m going to try to keep  the name – There will be technical difficulties with this as I signed up with Google and have to work out how to unravel this arrangement.

Other changes may include an incorporation of some of my Critical Classroom work here. I spent many years dividing up my interests (iscariot = business, critical classroom = indigenous stuff, deadly bloggers = social media + indigenous voice. not quite cooked/leesawatego = the rest), but perhaps this discombobulated me isn’t right.

Anyhoo. I’ll keep you posted. Let’s see what the future holds … the joy of exporting & importing is that you can can go backwards & forwards relatively simple.

Blogger – you’re forever in my heart. 😉

ps. i’m not sure how long this will take. could be month! keep you posted.

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