Do you go to Greek school?

Do you go to Greek school?

One of the lines from the trailer for the new movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 has a one character asking another “do you go to Greek school?”

I’ve seen these ‘schools’ referred to in other movies, and often wondered what they’re about and if perhaps a similar concept would be useful here for Murris. Perhaps, it’s a reflection of the lives we lead today, where a ‘school’ would ensure that there was a set of teachings that is explicitly being passed down.

I’m reading through Aunty Mary Graham’s Custodial Navigator, and wondering ideas like this can be passed down.

Perhaps a ‘school’ that kids attend on a Saturday morning or a Tuesday afternoon from a very early age, operating in suburbs across the continent would help to ensure that Murri cultures are going as strong as other cultures in hundreds of years time.

Note: In Brisbane the very deadly Fred Leone is running occasional Sunday sessions in a park for local kids. I wonder if this is the start of a new movement? 


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  1. Leesa I know some Greek Brisbanites and they go to Greek School. It's designed to keep 2nd/3rd etc generation youths in touch with their parent's/grandparent's culture. These types of places can have a positive and negative impact. Whilst the positive is the obvious cultural connection and continuation of cultural knowledge, the negativite is the creation of cultural ghettos and the type of propaganda we see in some Islamic Schools and mosques.

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