Being ridiculous on Snapchat

I know I’m in my mid-forties, but for some reason, God only knows why, I find the Snapchat filters hilarious. I’ve been logging on every 24 hours or so and checking out the new ones, and God help me, posting them to my Snapchat story.

I’m not sure my husband, to whom I send them to at all hours of the day and night fully appreciates the awesomeness that is Snapchat.

I don’t care.

It’s crazy, and it’s fun. You only get one go at this, and we should all have time to have a good laugh if you can.

If you want to see something truly ridiculous though, the inner exhibitionist in me couldn’t resist posting this  4 second video.

Oh, and find me on Snapchat. I am leesawatego. Of course!

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