Finally migrated from WordPress

I’ve finally, after years of talking about taken practical steps to migrate NQC from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. For a bunch of reasons, it’s not as straight forward as it could have been, hence I have a temporary URL.

As at today, there is no customisation in place on the WordPress 2016 Theme. I’m spending some time going through the posts and sorting at the Categories. I think there was something like 426 posts in total that were imported. Not great for a seven year old blog, but I figure it’s not bad for someone who is incredibly undisciplined.

It may be that it’s the Christmas / New Year season, but there I feel like I’ve re-found my blogging mojo. Let’s see how long it lasts. I’m going to continue to post while I’m at this temporary spot.

I hope to be at the old URL within the month.

Cheers, L.