Bunyaville Conservation Park

As part of my new found interest in bushwalking, today I headed out to Bunyaville Conservation Park. It’s only about 5 or so minutes from home in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. I’ve only been there a few times and that’s mostly been on kids’ school excursions.

The weather was perfect – bizarrely for December, it’s actually been very cool. Because I had a bunch of stuff today, I couldn’t get there until about 4.30pm.
The walk we did – the Bunyaville Track Circuit – today was 1.9kms.
It was an easy work in most parts, only a few little rises.
In a few spots as we got further into the walk the ground was much less even. I have been thinking that I’m going to buy up a proper hiking stick/s.
I have had too many falls and ankle twists over the past couple of decades – enough to make me a somewhat nervous walker. Losing my balance is my biggest fear. I have a recurring nightmare where I’m standing at the top of the steps in my house, I lose balance and fall down the steps. I don’t have nightmares about spiders and other creepy crawling – falling is my thing.
As you can see the path isn’t even. But it’s not impossible to cross.
Rocking the Deadly Choices banner today.
Being alive is phenomenal.
I recommend Bunyaville for the whole family – bring the kids!
I’m going to go back again and explore the park more. We only did 1.9km today so it was enough to get the heart pumping but I need to at least double that distance.
There are BBQs and lots of picnic tables around that would be lovely on a not-to-hot day. The other thing to note is that the park gates close at 6.30pm in summer so don’t leave it too late.
I think Bunya will be enough for a month or so, but then I’ll definitely be on the hunt for more walks and trails around the city. If you have any ideas, send them my way.