When nature is the medicine you need.

My to-do list is just ridiculous.

My business is growing and my community volunteer work is coming to a head. I’m so grateful for the business opportunities I have and my community work is something I can’t imagine ever not doing.

But I sometimes feel like my brain is spinning out of control and there is no way for it to stop. And with everything to do I struggle to deliver anything at all.

I had most of yesterday (Saturday) off, and scheduled to do a full work day today. It started well, but by the afternoon I just couldn’t concentrate.

So I snuck out for an hour with my little trail buddy. Yes it ticked off one of my 52 hikes goals, and was a nice recovery after yesterday’s parkrun AND yoga class, but really, truthfully, it was more just healing and self care.

I needed to be outside this afternoon. I topped it with a good chat with one of my team. And it paid off.

The list is still too long, but I’ve sorted it into much more doable chunks. And at least for a little while, the next few weeks don’t seem so fraught. And I’m finally in bed and it’s only just after midnight.

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