An anti-climactic Christmas morning

So like most folk with kids, for the past 17 years Christmas morning has been a massive ball of anticipation, excitement and joy (and occasionally disappointment). Three little boys and a little girl meant there were cars, tractors, Legos, dinosaurs etc usually strewn across the lounge-room floor in between metres of discarded wrapping paper. 

Well this morning was a little different – all the kids are now teens. It’s 9.41 and only one child is awake and the others appear to have no intention of waking anytime soon.
I have to admit I’m feeling a bit disappointed. It’s not that I’m a morning person – I’m definitely not a morning person. It’s just that I now realise that I’m at the beginning of another stage of parenting. Less spontaneous laughter and screaming, not so much chaos. But a parent of emerging adults.
So this morning, as I wait, I’m enjoying Annie Lennox’s singing, black tea, shortbread cookies and a spot of embroidery (my new “hobby”). It will take time to get used to this new life, just as it took time to get used to the craziness of having little people everywhere.


* Hobby is in “” because I’m not 100% sure it will be an actual hobby yet.

3 thoughts on “An anti-climactic Christmas morning”

  1. Good call re the embroidery, join the Brisbane Embroiders' Guild, best bunch of very intelligent women! I love them. Also want to get in your ear about EATSIPs down the track. Please forgive me for leaving comment re this on your blog but also have joined Critical Classroom and have time on my hands, hence school hols. X and, enjoy the Season.

    1. Thank your @Flora. I'm not sure that I could bring myself to join a club yet. I'm still to much of a 'toddler' when it comes to this stuff. Re: EATSIPs, would love to chat. If you have a specific question, I could have a go at answering it on the Critical Classroom. Cheers, L

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