Tools downed

More often than not, I fall off the social media landscape when we go on family trips. Partly it’s a security thing – if the whole family is away, who is at home? But it’s also an environmental thing. You see my family aren’t big on social – and that includes the teens. They read and consume stuff, but the don’t share about their everyday lives – no selfies, few comments and occasional posts that are rarely about ‘I’m doing X today’. When I’m at home, I can justify the selfies and the rest, as being about work. When I’m away from my desk, it’s clearly not about work is it?

Unless I’m really in the zone like last week when we went to the midnight screening of Star Wars & took heaps of images & posted them, when I’m with just the family (and during┬áthese moments, they good heartedly put up with me), I’ll┬ámake very few posts about our travels. And it’s okay. I’ve learned to understand and respect how they do things.
It always takes me a few days to down tools, but after a while it becomes the new normal.
Image: An image taken from the dashboard of a car. The image is looking down the road, nothing ahead in the distance, no cars, just trees on either side.

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