Moments of Self by Tiina Alinen

Last night I headed to the Queensland Multicultural Centre at Kangaroo Point to see Moments of Self curated by Tiina Alinen. The project is part of her work as a dancer, choreographer, dance therapist and community arts worker. Working with a group of women – aged mid-thirties to seventies, many of whom have serious life challenges including illnesses such as dementia, last night’s performance was stunning.

The women, over the course of a number of months were able to draw out aspects of themselves – moments of self – and use verbal and more importantly movement and non-verbals to express their thoughts, dreams and ideas.

The work is part of Tiina’s vision for an independent organisation – Dance4Life that trains people to work with community members in non-verbal and movement communication. We were honoured to have worked with Tiina this year in developing her logo for her new organisation. I hope that she is able to secure funding to be able to continue to share this incredible with across the region, state and country.

Fantastic work Tiina.

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