Grateful for my online community

If you’re a member of one of the groups I run, then you will know what the image above is all about.

It’s a still of a video that’s been shared with less than 40 people of me starting a personal push-up challenge. It’s more than a little silly because in it I’m pretty honest about how badly my push-up ability is. I’ve been posting a video or a status every couple of days showing my progress.

But I’m grateful to my online community for encouraging me, giving me a reason to keep going, and just being there. I’m pretty sure I would not be doing as well as I am without their online support.

I think part of having a supporting online community is partly about how much you’re willing to give of yourself. You need to have a little bravery to share your fears and worries. There are so many people out there willing to virtually ‘walk beside you’.

Sometimes I think my fitness journey bores the people in my ‘real’ life, so online I find folks who are just as enthusiastic and obsessive, who also go through the ups & downs and highs & lows of life.